Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Korean Food in Times Square Hong Kong

Traditional Korean Ban Chan
Ban Chan are an essential element to Korean cuisine, and one of my favorites! The diversity of dishes which come out in this fashion is phenomenal. Ban Chan are traditionally plates of preserved meats and vegetables. They are meant to be eaten on their own, or added to other dishes on the table. This second feature is something that features largely into one of the most popular forms of eating Korean food, the Korean Barbeque. If you notice under the Ban Chan dishes there is a grate, this disk can be removed from the table to reveal a stove top which diners can use to cook different types of meat, fish and veggies. This restaurant brought out two dishes of Ban Chan per diner and, as we looked around the restaurant, it seemed that all the other tables had at least the same selection as we did if not more plates to match the fact that they had more diners. We tried to see if they would bring out more plates if we finished all of ours, but they said it would cost more and we had already ordered to match our Texas-sized stomachs.

Mackerel and Kimchee
Beef and Buckwheat Noodles
Ox Tail

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