Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hong Kong: Hakka Cuisine

So I am kind of obsessed with the Hakka people, I love their architecture and would very much like to visit the Tulou in mainland China, Fujian Province. I now know that I am also totally obsessed with Hakka cuisine. This restaurant had no english signs, was hidden in a mall so well that we accidentally set off a fire alarm while trying to locate the place. It was well worth our efforts, however, and currently reigns as our top restaurant in Hong Kong. There are more images of each dish on my flickr.
Best Pork Belly Ever
Salt Baked Chicken
Black Pepper Beef Short Rib
Minced Pork Stuffed Tofu
Pork Belly so tender that my chopstick sunk right through
Tofu is not just for vegetarians, meat makes tofu go from great to fantastic

Close up of the most tender and flavorful short rib ever
Sweet Adzuki Bean Soup Dessert
The Hakka people live inland and specialize in pork and water fowl. Many of their dishes emphasize the communal nature of their living conditions and, as such, are dishes that must be shared with a huge group or ordered a day in advance. We made due with these classic Hakka dishes which could be ordered on the spot. I want to have an authentic Hakka feast at some point in my life. Someday. You are all invited.

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