Thursday, July 8, 2010

Taipei: Raw Liquid Diet: First 24 Hours

I have been wanting do to a liquid only diet for a while now for a few reasons:

1) Look at the rest of my blog and you will know that I have been way over indulgent with my diet while in Asia.

2) The greens and fruits here are cheap, delicious and come in such variety.

3) The weather is oppressively hot which makes me neither want to consume hot foods nor to expend any excess energy digesting foods than is absolutely necessary.

4) I recently had my first sinus troubles (first any sort of health trouble) since I started my last raw food diet, leading me to believe the coffers of bodily health and happiness I was able to accumulate so much merit for while living in Austin are now finally running dry.

5) To prove to myself that I can do it.

6) Because there aren't any good reasons not to.

(meal one) - So last night I drank 1/4 of a taiwanese watermelon. Watermelons here are enormous and delicious, ill take photos next time to show you what I am talking about. Drinking so much juice was perhaps a bit overkill but I wanted to start it off with a big alkaline bang. Recently mosquitoes have been landing on me more often. I still don't think I have been bitten but I worry that the fact that they land on me at all speaks poorly of my ph level. Don't worry, liquid raw food diet also doesn't mean that I will be on a fruit only diet. The watermelon was a nice means of transitioning from the veggie diet I had been living. Recently I have been over-indulging in vegan fried rice and 炒米粉 (Chǎo mǐfěn - fried rice noodles).

(meal two) - I have a tendency to over-indulge in banana and leafy green smoothies. They are so easy, cheap and delicious. So I simply allowed myself to default to this smoothie, I threw in some Goji Berries which I just bought as well (so cheap! the bag pictured cost about 4 dollars US) I unfortunately have run out of martenelli's apple juice as my roommate and friends all were able to appreciate its splendor as much as I was, and found myself without any other fun liquid to add to my smoothie so was forced to use some water. Luckily with the vitamix you don't have to add much before it will start doing it's thing. I finished cleaning just in time for the 1 o'clock trash truck so I ran out my food waste just in time for them to dump it into the compost can and take it off to one of the city composts. Trash here comes twice a day, sounds like an ice cream truck and will take anything compostable or recyclable from you for free! It is pretty great.