Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Joys of Travel

I have been in airports for over 24 hours now and I have at least another 14-15 hours to go before I will be in Hong Kong.

I got to the Copenhagen airport at about 11 am, hoping to move from the 5:50 flight to London to the 1:30 flight as I had heard that a snow storm would be coming in and I feared that the later flight might be delayed or canceled. The earlier flight was full however, so I had arrived at the airport seven hours early in vain. This became even more apparent as the weather proved my fears well-founded and the time slipped past 5:50, past 6:15, past 6:30 without any flight information what-so-ever. Around this time I gave up on my gate and walked back towards the hub of the airport to figure out what was going on. I found the entire Departures board to be lit up in "Awaiting Info" and "Canceled," and then I found myself, along with every other passenger, diverted into the "transfer center." I took the number K321, looked at the board to see K215 buried amongst the other numbers from groups A, B and C. I spent until roughly 8:45 dealing with lines and bureaucracy until I was told to run to gate C26 to board BA flight 821 to London. I made it to London, was handed a hotel voucher, a convenient little baggie full of amenities, and the news that my bag should reach me in Hong Kong. European Airlines are less accommodating with the size of carry ons, many of them limit you to a single bag, not a personal item and bag, so my plan of not checking any luggage met an untimely end.

I feel like travel drama is probably more of me just venting than something that anybody else really cares about, but then again I have always been really bad at figuring out whether or not other people will enjoy something and I think that this blog post is part of a life philosophy which says do and talk about the things you know and are interested in rather than things which you think you can say that other people might like.

Well anyways, I am going to return to travel-zombie mode and continue waiting in the Cathay-Pacific lounge. Hopefully the next you all hear from me I will be eating delicious food in Hong Kong. I would rather be talking/thinking about food than airports.

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