Monday, March 8, 2010

Taipei: table for twenty, the meal my camera slept through

So most of my food experiences in Taiwan have happened while my camera was elsewhere, however the dinner below is special because I had my camera with me, but it had decided to take a siesta all day, refusing to take any pictures. After dinner I tried to turn my camera back on and was surprised to find it taking photos again, so I took a few pictures of the table mostly so that I would remember the epic meal that my camera missed. I love that when you show up to a restaurant at 1am here and say "table for twenty" the restaurant is excited to be able to seat you, at home I can hardly imagine the baleful glares that we would receive or the ire with which our food would be served. It does help that most restaurants here seem to be run by their owner and that food here is shared so that dishes can come out when they are ready, rather than all 20 at once.

Food that is cooked in front of you is fun. Especially when it costs less than 3 usd.

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