Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Taipei: Clay Pot Teaser

So I am currently searching for a new apartment and a fixed gear bicycle. I want those two things in that order but I have been more successful at finding the later. Self-restraint held out however and I walked away from the store a few stickers richer and having left nothing behind but the promise of my return. I will actually probably go back tomorrow because there is a ride happening on friday night that I want to participate in before leaving for the Megaport festival in Kaoshiung on Saturday morning. But anyway, I took the bus one stop too far on my way to BREAKBRAKE 17 and this ended up being extremely fortuitous because I found the most delicious smelling clay pot restaurant I have ever... smelled? The restaurant is evidently only open during the winter and is extremely popular. I am currently trying to rally some troops to return here and eat!

Fortune favors those who eat ripe bananas! Half off to buy them ready to eat!


  1. Ripe bananas?! That looks somewhat disgusting, but it seems as though it might be one of those things that are actually good.

  2. haha, ripe bananas are my secret to making smoothies taste phenomenal. now that i am here, blender-less, the real lesson was that buying nine ripe bananas without the intention of making smoothies means that you have to eat way more bananas than i normally eat in a really short time less the bananas start to rot.