Monday, March 15, 2010

Taipei: My Fixed Gear vs. Crazy Taiwanese Scooter

So I was biking to school today and one of the many crazy Taiwanese scooter drivers decided to turn my ride into something more than a commute by bringing my heart rate to a level befitting a healthy cardio session. His method of doing so was to go from his location behind me and to my left side to around the front of me in order to turn right onto another street. This would have been fine had he not also decided to test my reflexes by aiming his scooter at the side of my front tire. I surprised myself by having sufficient agility to leap off my bike and onto my feet while directing my bike away from the impact so that the only evidence of any collision whatsoever is this light rubber skid mark going across my wheel.

Delicious deep fried street food is one of the few available late night options near my mrt stop.
I have become a regular at both of these place. I seriously wake up with intense cravings of these hollow tube tofu things with wrinkly outsides. I think it is a member of the tofu kingdom but I have no idea what it is called.

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  1. The hollow tube thing is actually not tofu.

    It's called chikuwa.

    We called it 竹輪 in Taiwanese Chinese.