Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is going to be way too scattered for any clever phrase... except for this one

So, its Tuesday night, I leave Thursday afternoon. This means I have less than 48 hours to wrap up everything.

Don't feel too sorry for me, I mean I am sitting here blogging rather than cleaning, packing, organizing, paying bills, sleeping or anything else that could be considered moderately productive.

Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, I started blogging in order to connect to my friends and family members in a way which could be sustained despite my physical distance. I suppose I am being productive in-so-far as I am developing that connection.

Now I feel better. Sorry to have dragged you all through that... it needed to happen.

So I will be driving to Houston at 6 am, going directly to TECO Houston. Because of the political status of Taiwan (China refuses to acknowledge Taiwan as a separate government but does acknowledge it as a separate economic entity) Nations which trade with China cannot have a Taiwanese "embassy" or "consulate" but instead they have the TECO - Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.

The power of semantics...

So I called TECO today and asked them what I should do since I don't have my acceptance letter from either school yet but would rather not enter the country on the Visa Waiver Program as I will then not be able to extend my stay beyond 30 days. I received an answer which has quelled all my nagging worry. I should just get an extendable tourist visa! Of course! I can change it to a student visa in Taiwan! Yay!

This should seem like common sense... Or maybe it should seem like common sense to me as I have been google searching visas non stop for a couple weeks. But it wasn't an option found on any website! I continually looked for tourist visa Taiwan, hoping to read the answer that I now know to be my future... It is nowhere to be found online (except for here... now) All websites make the supposition that any tourist will not need a visa because they can enter the country on the VWP(visa waiver program) and as such, they don't even address the fact that you can get a 60-day tourist visa extendable to a maximum of 180 days. And they can process same day! Hopefully this means instantly or else I will be entertaining myself in Houston all day.

So far this blog post is not so scattered... the title could read "48 hours, no visa, no worries" or something to that extent. I suppose that blogging is static, I could go back and change the title, but the stasis of literature and the internet is one of my big turn offs to written language. Once I hit publish, these words will always Be. Never changeable. Never fluid. Where else in life do we find such permanence. Stasis is artificial, life is change. Language should be fluid, blogging will be a dialogue, a journal, not an essay.

I will be coming to terms with blogging throughout these posts. The fact that I am blogging is still sitting somewhat heavily upon my soul. Musings for another day... perhaps from the airport when I really do have time to kill...

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