Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back in Paris

Sushi delivery is awesome. There is definitely something to be said about cities large enough to have a vast selection of ethnic food that is one phone call and thirty minutes away from your door.

I am sure that the feeling I am about to convey will be dwarfed by what I experience when I visit Hong Kong and Taiwan, but being in a city this build up and dense is astounding. I wonder how far back you would have to go to see this area still untouched by humanity. There are so many layers of life, so much activity, so many people, so many buildings. Everybody makes due with such little space, everybody seems so much less friendly, with the increase in population density follows an increase in the density of society's discontents, this increase seems to harden all of those people who would ordinarily be friendly but have simply become disillusioned about humanity, one too many drunk homeless guys on the subway speaking loudly to the barbie dolls he has affixed to his backpack.

Eating in France has been mostly hit, little miss. Lots of Kebab, I'll take a picture next time. It is always shaved meat, french fries, iceberg lettuce and really bad tomatoes. Tasty... Not exactly my ideal meal, its about as far from organic and as far from raw-vegan as possible. The big kebab spit is a delicious way to cook meat and seems about as far out of reach for an individual's home kitchen as commercial kitchen appliances go, but then cooking meat is still not my forte. I don't really know what process takes meat from a living animal and makes a kebab spit out of it, that might be the mot frightening aspect of the whole thing. I also don't really know what happens to the meat overnight. Oh well. More reason to eat raw-vegan when I can arrange it.

I found quinoa! It was in the international section of Carrefour supermarket in Bordeaux. Apple cider vinegar is also more common here, there are a few brands, organic and not.

The produce selections have been pretty lacking in all the supermarkets I have visited in France. I haven't seen any Kale in this country at all, I did see something called Lamb's lettuce which was pretty tasty, bites like arugula, and I'm pretty sure it isn't lambs-quarters. I also haven't seen any mushrooms except for buttons. I will be visiting the big supermarket in this district of Paris soon, with my camera. The things I got the most excited about when I visited it last week were: the entire cow tongue, large boxes full of tripe and huge selections of unpasteurized goat and sheep cheese.

These items sound particularly different than the foods which that part of my brain which craves green smoothies drools over, but this is what happens when you visit French supermarkets.

They also sell the meat from the birds which are raised in the style to make foie gras in the supermarket. Definitely one of the best tasting pieces of duck I have ever had. It really sucks that the least sustainable and least healthy methods of raising animals are the tastiest. I wish that grass-fed beef was ridiculously delicious, that free-range ducks tasted as rich as the foie gras duck. I guess that is one of the big things I love about raw-vegan. Organic fruits and veggies do taste better, fresher tastes better, local tastes better.

I need to go find a place to charge my laptop, the converter I brought doesn't have a ground on it so I am borrowing converters until I can find a new one, hopefully tomorrow.


  1. That sounds amazing! Except for the laptop part. I've been to Paris before, and my favorite part was the crepes. I LOOOVE sugar! So where are you traveling? Paris, Hong-Kong, and.... I can't remember.

  2. Haha, the smell of Nutella crepes cuts through the frigid parisian (and Danish) air with a frightening fervor. I wish I could share in enjoying the taste of crepes but I promise you that I can and do enjoy sharing in the delicious smell.

    I am going to Taipei, Taiwan after Hong Kong.