Saturday, June 5, 2010

Taipei: How is it already June?

Time flies by so quickly here. I am still dealing with the issues of eating meat. Making compromises is an interesting aspect of human nature. Being faced with the reality that I wasn't willing to insist on not eating meat in situations where it would be inconvenient for my friends, I instead just invented new rules to veganism, constructed situations where it would be ok to cheat on myself. Now I never eat meat if I am alone, but only with certain friends who have to eat meat with every meal. Certain other friends have joined with me in avoiding meat, some have embraced it even more whole-heartedly than I. The world is a magical place.

I am now in an 8:30 am chinese class with three japanese people, another american and a guy from somewhere in Europe. Changing from the 3:00 pm class to the 8:30 am class is a large life change but it is one that I requested and am glad to be making. My schedule revolves in large part around, sleeping, studying and eating leafy green vegetables. If I were to stumble upon a genie in a bottle, I don't think I would have anything to wish for.

I went with my friends to Kaohsiung last Sunday because they were playing a show there. About an hour before they were to go on they realized that they didn't have anybody to man there table and sell cd's for them. I didn't volunteer, thinking my language barrier to be a bar from eligibility, but they didn't see it that way and asked me to sell cd's for them. So I did.

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